new day, new background, more glitter

T-Rex, Dinosaur Comics, talking about how we used mummies to make burnt umber back in the day.
Straight White Boy Problem #384


*goes to the theater to see a critically acclaimed movie*    *gets bored halfway through*    *sneaks into a will Ferrell movie*


I am rewatching this show right now and it is awesome!

Paprika - Parade
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You can not write the word “ignorance”. The future is on sale.

Push aside and laugh at the karmic tale saying it’s superstition.

the “glitchy” part in the beginning is why i’m alive


Turtles in Time #1

The most hilarious part of the issue, to me.



Turtles in Time #1

The most hilarious part of the issue, to me.


I’m grateful for the assist-
Amazing friend team-up.

This was the cutest thing I read in a long time

It’s always tears
Olly Man, regarding the metaphorical significance of the food at Passover Seder.
death by flowers

death by flowers

Moltar: Brak! How are you gonna pay for all this?

Brak: With rocks.

Was gonna do art but the powers out so I can’t see. Just gonna watch space ghost coast to coast on my dying computer instead.


i started a new sketchbook, and this how it was born

I posted this once before but i don’t know how to reblog my shit and i’m a luddite

i’m reblogging this every time I start a new sketchbook.

Timid people make timid comics
Gail Simone

I was working on this big realistic super hero comic and it’s becoming more and more apparent that this idea has been done to death and I don’t think I’m a good enough writer to bring anything new to it. I’m pretty pissed because I’ve been working on it for weeks. Not sure whether to pursue it or not. I def need to watch kick ass and super if i want to continue and see if they are different enough from my idea.

So that’s what’s going on with me creatively.